Reading Group

Reading Group
Reading Group is an initiative aimed at a deeper understanding of artistic practices through the experience of reading, analyzing, and discussing literary works collectively. The format of the reader group involves moderated group discussions of literary and humanities texts related to certain artistic works presented in the exhibition.

The program's mentor is the invited expert of the PinchukArtCentre Research Platform, a critic, journalist, and host of the "Culture of Everything" podcast, Kostyantyn Doroshenko. He will propose texts for discussion related to four themes common to the exhibited works of the PinchukArtCentre 2022 Prize nominees. These themes are "War," "Environment," "Communities," and "Heroism and Sacrifice."

"The 'United' exhibition, opened in the year of the escalation of the Russian war against Ukraine, demonstrates young Ukrainian art created in the conditions of the country's greatest social and historical tragedy that befell it after the restoration of statehood in 1991. The young Ukrainians' ordeal of war has forced them to mature prematurely, but this will only add to their confidence in building the future. To be an adult means to feel responsible for one's life choices, speak for oneself, and respect others' boundaries. Ukraine's victory will open up an opportunity for this generation to formulate a relevant agenda for a free world: a world of respect for rights, freedoms, and opportunities for realization, a diverse world without shame and dictatorship. With this in mind, I will propose books to the reader group that allow for ambiguous interpretations, encourage reflection, and the ability to see the unseen," says Kostyantyn Doroshenko.

Meeting schedule:

April 6: Communities - Martha Bloom, "Hazel Tree"

April 13: War - Liubko Deresh, "Lizard's Reverence"

April 20: Environment - Chingiz Aitmatov, "Tavro Cassandra"

April 27: Heroism and Sacrifice - Oleksiy Nikitin, "Bat-Ami"

Meetings will take place for the selected group at PinchukArtCentre every Thursday at 6:30 pm from April 6th. The registration is complete, the group has been formed.
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