PinchukArtCentre Has Supported the Museum Crisis Center

PinchukArtCentre has provided financial support the Museum Crisis Center initiated by Olha Honchar, the cultural manager and director of the “Territory of Terror” Lviv Memorial museum of totalitarian regimes, which is carried out in partnership with Insha Osvita and New Museum NGOs.
The Museum Crisis Center aims to provide financial, organizational and human support to small regional museums and their teams in times of war. The priority is given to museums from small towns and villages in the East and South of Ukraine, which are at the epicenter of Russian aggression against Ukraine.


Ksenia Malykh, Head of the Research Platform of the PinchukArtCentre: “The ambassadorial activities of the PinchukArtCentre are currently branching out into several areas. Inside the country, we support the museums and their teams who stayed to protect our heritage on the ground. In Europe, we advise the institutions on programs of Ukrainian artists support, that is to say we ‘help to help’”.

The Museum Crisis Center will stay relevant in the postwar period in the process of the network of local museums restoration, returning of collections and as a tool of mutual assistance during various crises.

The Museum Crisis Center was also financially supported by the European Commission (within the program “Strength here: Living cultural heritage”), Kyiv Biennale (as part of its own urgent initiative to support the art community), the German association MitOst and a number of private patrons.

If you want to support Museum Crisis Fund, please contact moc.liamg%40rahcnoh.ahlo, gro.ativso-ahsni%40gnorts_eb