Lecture by Yaryna Tsymbal "Voices and Shots: listening to the Executed Renaissance"

Yaryna Tsymbal

Photo: Nastya Telikova

We invite you to Yaryna Tsymbal's lecture "Voices and Shots: listening to the Executed Renaissance" as part of the public program for the "I Feel You" exhibition.
The event will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 18:00 in the exhibition space on the 4th floor of the PinchukArtCentre.
Entry is free with prior registration: 
The exhibition "I Feel You" presents a sound installation by Indian artist Shilpa Gupta called For, in your tongue, I cannot fit. From a hundred microphones, poetry from different countries and different times, the authors of which were repressed, sounds. In this work, they finally get a voice and sound in a common space, becoming a symbol of resistance and an expression of freedom.
During Yaryna Tsymbal's lecture, we will turn to such voices in Ukrainian literature.Our 1920s is a decade that was later called the Executed Renaissance.
● Did these people have time and what exactly to say to their contemporaries and future generations?● What rang louder for history, their voices or the shots that took their lives?● And what is needed to hear these voices?
Let's talk about our 1920s from a century perspective to find points of intersection with our 2020s and understand what they speak to us.
Yaryna Tsymbal is a literary critic, editor, researcher of the literature of the 1920s, the Ukrainian avant-garde, and an educational lecturer. The author of the project "Our 20s" in the publishing house "Tempora", within which she organized anthologies of Ukrainian prose from the 1920s and collections of individual authors. Curator of the "Vivat classics" series in the "Vivat" publishing house. Senior researcher of the Institute of Literature named after T. G. Shevchenko, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The author of the tg channel "Our 1920s".