Lecture by Leonid Horobets "Preservation of animals of Ukraine before, during and after the war"

Leonid Horobets

We invite you to the lecture by Leonid Gorobets "The Preservation of animals of Ukraine before, during, and after the war" as part of the public program for the "I Feel You" exhibition.
The event will take place on Wednesday, May 22 at 19:00 in the exhibition space on the 4th floor of the PinchukArtCentre.
Entry is free with prior registration:
The exhibition "I Feel You" invites you to listen to experiences, memories, and testimonies from different parts of the world, including Ukraine. In their works, the artists talk about global challenges that are close to us, in particular, they address environmental problems. During the lecture of the doctor of biological sciences, Leonid Horobets, we invite you to talk about the global impact of war on the environment.
One of the significant shortcomings of modern conservation movements is the inability to distinguish between the global and the local. They try to solve global problems with local actions, they do not notice global consequences in local events. This approach makes it impossible to adequately assess the damage that Russia is causing to the biosphere by starting a war against Ukraine. It is necessary to review the concepts and priorities of environmental protection. In addition to the direct destruction of natural communities, Russia has created many other problems, the impact of which will be noticeable only in the future.
Using the example of the preservation of the animal world, we will consider the question of how Ukraine can counteract the destruction of nature caused by the war.
Leonid Horobets – doctor of biological sciences, leading researcher of the National Science and Nature Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.