History of Relations, Piotr Armianovski’s exhibition within the PAC UA programme

The PinchukArtCentre presents the solo exhibition History of Relations by Piotr Armianovski as a part of PAC UA. It is PinchukArtCentre's programme aimed at commissioning new works by Ukrainian artists by investing in creation and providing curatorial and institutional support.
History of Relations is an insightful chronicle of the artist's observation of the social fabric in Ukraine. It explores dynamic interpersonal connections, relations between different social groups, as well as people’s individual and collective interactions with institutions, including governmental bodies.


The show spans the period from the years before the Revolution of Dignity, marked by wide spreading of social movements across the country, to Russia’s occupation of some of the Ukrainian territories in 2014, and further to the full-scale invasion.
The exhibition is intended to foster personal reflection and public discussion. Besides the documentary films dedicated to the cities of Bucha and Mariupol, the video works Black Cleaning (2014), Election That Didn’t Happen (2017) and Sloviansk (2014), the exhibition project also has a subtle gesture of care incorporated in its structure. Understanding that thinking about Ukraine's recent history can be quite unsettling, Armianovski offers the viewers a space that can be used to release emotions or as a safe place to restore peace of mind. It is a soundproof room where the viewers can express their feelings by screaming and crying or simply sit down and spend some time in absolute silence away from the crowd.
Curator: Oleksandra Pogrebnyak


Video excursion of Piotr Armianovskyi's exhibition "History of Relationships"