Discussion "Private Utopias. Self-organized art spaces before and after 24.02.2022"

Nikita Kadan

We invite you to the discussion "Private Utopias. Self-organized art spaces before and after 24.02.2022" as part of the public program for the exhibition “Insubordinate”.
The event will take place on Wednesday, July 3 at 18:00. The beginning is on the 2nd floor at the reception of the PinchukArtCentre.
Participation is free by prior registration: 
The idea of the connection between private space and independent expression remains a key one for self-organized spaces: apartment or garage galleries, open workshops, squatted or cheaply rented post-industrial premises. However, the map of such spaces in Ukraine and the idea of a protected and uncensored private space have transformed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.
The discussion aims to create at least a cursory sketch of the history of such spaces before and after February 24, 2022. And at the same time, to show the extent to which it is possible to practice such self-organization in the future in "full-scale" times.
The discussion will be moderated by Nikita Kadan, curator of the “Insubordinate” exhibition.
Participants of the conversation:
● Dasha Chechushkova — Odesa-based artist, in 2020-2022 she was a member and co-founder of the creative community at OSRZ-2 (an abandoned shipyard in Odesa).● Ilya Todurkin — artist, member of the OSRZ-2 artist group. ● Harry Kraevets — psychoanalyst, writer, and co-initiator of the NOCH art space, which functioned in the studio of the artist Oleksandra Kadzevych and was a place where experimental projects that could not take place in official or commercially oriented art institutions in Odesa were implemented. ● Olya Yeremieieva is an artist, curator, and participant in the exhibition "оn Biloruska 1".● Böhdana Kosmina is a member of the curatorial group "Syra Nora" (together with Alina Kleitman and Nikita Kadan), who turned a postmodern pump room from the 1990s into the project conceptual space DZHERELO. ● Tamara Turliun is a multidisciplinary artist, co-founder of the self-organized space Depot12_59 on the Left Bank (co-founded by Andriy Lyashchuk); co-founder and member of kein Kaffee, kein Blumen, kein Fisch, kein Fleisch.● Slava Kononov is the initiator of the Tsap-Tsarap collective.