Rebecca Moss
(b. 1991, UK)
Rebecca Moss is currently undertaking her MA at the Royal College of Art. She recently took part in the 23 Days at Sea container ship residency, run by Access Gallery, Vancouver. Selected group shows include Test Space, Spike Island (2015), The Tomorrow People, Elevator Gallery (2014) and a film screening at Flat Time House, Peckham (2013). In 2013, she was awarded a Leverhulme Scholarship for a summer school residency and exhibition at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. She is interested in the politics of anti-monumental gestures, and references slapstick comedy to tear down heroic figures. She constructs scenarios where she places her body in a landscape to perform, and documents and edits this with video. This often takes the nature of a hapless stunt, game, prank or intervention. She is interested in how awkwardness can invite empathy, and how a fallible, open subject could suggest a resistant position against powerful systems.
Rebecca Moss is interested in moments of disruption, chaos and failure. Her format of choice is the short video, with the language of slapstick and the absurd. She stages straightforwardly amusing episodes depicting herself and/or ordinary mass-produced objects against a backdrop of nature. With her frog jumping on a pogo stick until exhausted, an abandoned plastic duck catapulted into the pond, and a sausage balloon fleeing deep into the river, Moss 'disturbs' the established art system. Seemingly haphazard and unprocessed – but in fact deliberately executed – her gestures subversively set the ridiculous and banal against the monumental and sublime.
Rebecca Moss. Low Tide (Fountain), 2015 Video, 6' 16''
Profiles of 21 Artists Shortlisted for the
Future Generation Art Prize 2017