Open Group
Open Group was founded in Lviv in 2012 by six Ukrainian artists. Over the years the structure of the group changed, now it consists of four artists Yuriy Biley (b. 1988. Lives in Wroclaw, Poland), Pavlo Kovach (b. 1987. Lives in Lviv, Ukraine), Stanislav Turina (b. 1988. Lives in Mukachevo and v.Pavshyno, Ukraine.), and Anton Varga (b. 1989. Lives in NY, USA). From time to time the group invites everyone to participate in their projects and to become members of the Open Group. Open Group won the Special prize of the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013 and the Main prize in 2015. Their artwork was presented at the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.
The video is a staged situation featuring a group of experts in different fields who gather to discuss an ideal diorama of the landscape. In contrast to the dioramas from the Soviet times, intended to commemorate historical battles and become spectacular institutional strategies of propaganda and part of the official art system, the imaginary diorama stands for 'normality', a landscape both familiar and peaceful. The video records the process of the space being invented according to a set of co-ordinates arrived at through dialogue and monologues of people who retell, or rather verbalise the space; their only tools are imagination, knowledge and logic. Thus the space is embodied entirely in the spoken language; it unfolds, boundless, within the verbal powers and imagery of the authors, who transfer their concepts to the subjective experience of the viewer.
Open Group. Diorama, 2017 Video, 42' 03''
Profiles of 21 Artists Shortlisted for the
Future Generation Art Prize 2017